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Questions and Answers

Q1: What types of listings are available for escorts?

VIP Profile Listings:

Include a fully featured profile on Royal Rouge which you can login to change instantly
Includes a full profile page which can be directly linked to
Include a stylish photo gallery of up to 16 photos
Have an anti-spam contact form that directs all information directly to your email
Have a link back to your own website
You can specify a visiting/touring location which will show in that part of the website
Include a Google map if desired
Social sharing features - Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Are located above general link listings and include a thumbnail image for the most impact
There is a nominal monthly fee for VIP membership

Link listings:

Includes a single link back to your website below the VIP section
You can specify the text for the link
You can also login to edit your website URL and title at any time
You must upload our banner to your website to obtain a link listing on Royal Rouge
No fee

Q2: What makes Royal Rouge so special?
Royal Rouge is an INVITATION ONLY directory of the most finest VIP escorts and adult providers the world has to offer.  You can only be listed in the VIP section if you have an official invitation which makes it extremely exciting and rewarding for those who are showcased knowing they are amongst an elite select crowd such as themselves and recognised for being the very best of the best.

There only 24 total placements for elite VIP female escorts per state/city or country.  Once positions are taken, they are rarely available again which makes placements on Royal Rouge extremely exclusive and highly sought after. 

Q3: How do I get an invitation and what is the criteria?
If you are lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the VIP section on Royal Rouge then we will give you a special invitation link to signup.  If not, you can request that we consider you for a VIP invitation from the Request Invitation page.  Requesting an Invitation does not guarantee a placement in the VIP section - it is simply a request for consideration.  A Royal Rouge invitation commands that you are visually seductive - beautiful, sexy and alluring with a well written profile and personality that shines through.  You must be an absolute professional without negative reviews found on the internet. 

Q4: How much does it cost to become a VIP member of Royal Rouge and how do I make payment?

A nominal monthly membership fee will apply if you are successful in being approved and payment is by Automatic subscription by CCBill.

Q5: Can I choose the position of where I am listed?
There are only 24 limited spaces in any chosen state/city/country for VIP Female Escorts.  You can pick your exact position providing it is available on a first come-first served basis and cannot be changed at a later time.

Q6: Do you have a banner I can show off on my website?
Yes.  You can proudly display your VIP Royal Rouge banner which instantly distinguishes you from the rest or link listings banner on your website . 

Q7: Do you create the thumbnail picture on the site?
Yes we do this for VIP Profile Listings- simply email us your favourite photo (ideally portrait) and we will crop and resize it perfectly for you.

Q8: Can I refer my fellow girlfriends for an invite?
If you already have a Royal Rouge profile, then you can ask us to consider inviting up to 3 of your girlfriends, and your girlfriends will get priority consideration.

Q9: If I am invited and want to be showcased in more than 1 location, is this possible and what happens if I visit another location?
As a VIP profile listing, if you are visiting another location, you can instantly select the tour location which will display your profile in the tour location free of charge. If however you would like 2 main profiles in different locations then this is possible however two main placements would require two membership fees.

Q10: What if I resign from the industry and would like my profile removed?
Your membership and profile can be cancelled at any time.

Q11: How do I get started?
If you have been lucky enough to get an official VIP invitation, please follow the instructions to add your profile.  If you have not been officially invited, you can request consideration for invitation from the Request Invitation page.  If you would like a link listing, please go to the relevant page from the menu above.


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